Patient Survey 2014

This year, in consultation with the PRG (who are in the process of welcoming a further member), it was agreed to roll out the patient survey on a similar basis to that done last year. The questions posed were considered broad enough to capture the main concerns patients may have. The PRG felt that only one further area ought to be covered; front of house.

Reception is essentially “the face” of any surgery, where first impressions can either put patients at ease or fill them with dread by the stereotypical “dragon” at the desk!

An additional question was therefore included in this years’ survey:

“How helpful do you find the receptionists at the surgery?"

200 surveys were given out between January and February 2014, shared equally between the four clinicians:

  • Dr Vis-Nathan

  • Dr Bowes

  • Dr Davis

  • Dr Ramachandran

Not all patients chose to complete and return the survey but we were pleased to receive a healthy 168 back. The highest proportion of returned forms were from the 41-60 year old bracket (29%), followed closely by the 26-40 year olds (28%), 61-75 year olds (20%), 16-25’s and 75+ (10%) and, perhaps not unusually, 16 years and under (3%). A copy of the actual questionnaire can be viewed by clicking here.

After analysis of the returns, the results are issued below.


12% advised that they had encountered difficulty making an appointment with 85% experiencing no problem at all.

68% of those patients were seen on time, 30% not.

The majority of those delayed had been advised of it, with apologies.


Whilst no patient considered their consultation as having been “excellent”, 49% described the experience as “good”, with only 1% stating “poor” and 2% “very poor”.


Not one patient labelled the reception team as being “not very” or “not at all” helpful, with 10% stating they were fairly helpful and 87% feeling they had been very helpful.


95% felt the surgery premises were satisfactory, with 4% feeling they were not.

Additional Services (communication links)

Being aware of what health care is offered was known by 70% of patients, but 28% were still somewhat unsure.

33% knew of the surgery website, but 60% were oblivious to its existence. Of those who were familiar with the website, 35% believed it contains enough healthcare information and only 2% felt it did not.

91% of patients did not want to be involved with the PRG-a further 7% expressed an interest.

Satisfaction & Recommendation

Whilst 3% said they would not recommend our practice to family or friends, there was a generous 93% who stated they certainly would.

Additional Comments

In addition to the tick box responses (from which the percentages are calculated), the survey once again gave opportunity for patients to give anonymous feedback comments and suggestions. These are studied by the clinicians, management and wider team as they are often very personal and certainly “food for thought” when contemplating things the team may have done well and areas where we would want to make improvements.

Patients commented that they would prefer to see the same GP every time, to prevent having to repeat themselves and would like to see the names of GP’s and Nurses displayed in the waiting areas. A few commented that they would like to see one particular clinician more often at Ravensworth. Many did take the time to praise GP’s for their care and understanding, sympathetic approach and instant help.

Whilst some patients advised that it “depends who you speak to” on reception regarding helpfulness and occasions of “arrogance”, the majority of remarks were positive, considered the team very helpful and that the younger receptionists were very pleasant.

The two remarks regarding unsatisfactory premises were related to the size of the surgery (too small) and the car park.

Overall comments included that the service given was “excellent”, staff were caring and understanding and “not sure the surgery could be improved in any way”.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the questionnaires. They are taken very seriously by the whole team and continue to form a valuable part of our reflection and future management plans.


The team, together with the vPGR are contemplating all the comments made and studying further the % groups, for ways and means of improving services and personal “approaches and attitudes”.

Whilst some areas, regretfully, are unable to be changed-ie: size of the building or car park, we are looking at ways of making GP and appointment availability more flexible and have already introduced “on-line” appointment booking.

We will also be absorbing the positive praise given and undertaking methods to continue and maintain those high standards.

Ravensworth Surgery is a leading GP surgery in South Shields. Our doctors and nurses pride themselves on delivering outstanding NHS medical care at our health care centres. We have GP doctor surgeries based in South Shields (Ravensworth Surgery) and Jarrow (The Medical Centre). If you would like further information please contact us on 0191 455 2093.


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