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CQC Report
Our Clinics

In addition to the usual clinical sessions, we also offer the clinics listed below (although not exhaustive). If you are uncertain about whether or not we offer a specific service, please contact reception:


  • Antenatal

  • Asthma/COPD

  • Cervical Screening

  • Child Health Surveillance (CHS) and Immunisations

  • Coronary Heart Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Dietary / Weight Advice

  • Family Planning

  • Hypertension

  • Minor Surgery

  • NHS Health Assessments

  • Seasonal Influenza Immunisation

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Travel Vaccinations (NHS vaccines only)

  • Well Person

Our Facilities

We have two GP Surgeries, Ravensworth Surgery based in South Shields and The Medical Centre based in Jarrow. Both doctor surgeries have great services and facilities, some of which are listed below:


Access Without Steps: There is access into both practice sites without steps.


Parking: Both practice sites have car parking available. There is also a car park and off street parking available nearby at Jarrow with off street parking at South Shields.


Disabled car parking: There is disabled parking available in both practice car parks and the car park nearby at Jarrow.


Access for wheelchair users: All buildings at Ravensworth have suitable access and facilities for disabled persons. Please inform reception when booking appointments if this access is required.

Jarrow site is wheelchair friendly.


Toilets: There is a toilet available for disabled patients at both sites.

Our Catchment Area

As a rough guide our GP surgery in South Shields covers part or all of the following postcodes:


  • NE31

  • NE32

  • NE33 & NE34


If you reside in one of these postcode areas you may be elgible to register with us. For further information please contact us via telephone, email or in person at the surgery.

Telephone Availability

If you need to speak to a GP doctor the receptionist will complete a telephone message slip at your request and you will be contacted by the GP as soon as they are able-after clinical sessions have completed. Please be aware that House Visits and other medically urgent matters may take precidence.


If you need to speak to a Practice Nurse please telephone the surgery to leave your request for a call back.


Please be prepared to give the receptionist some details.

Practice Policies

Use of Summary Care Records

Our practice uses the Summary Care Records (SCR) system. This is an electronic summary of a patient's key clinical information which is hosted on the spine.  It is accessible by healthcare staff that are providing emergency or urgent care.


Data Protection

The practice is registered under and works within the Data Protection Act 1998. An increasing amount of information about our patients is held on computer, this helps us to provide a much more efficient service. Be assured that all personal data is held on an encrypted NHS network available only to authorised practice personnel.



The practice tries very hard to give the best possible service to patients.  From time to time however, you may wish to comment on aspects of your care.

Serious complaints are answered using our in house formal practice complaints procedure.  Further details are available from the surgery, just ask at reception. General suggestions for the practice are welcomed either via email, verbally or in writing. You may also wish to consider joining the virtual patient group.


You have a right to expect that personal information will be held in confidence by the practice.


Confidentiality is the key to trust between doctors and patients and central to the provision of information needed in order to provide good care.

The practice recognise the importance of their responsibility for personal information and will make sure of effective protection against improper disclosure at all times.


Individuals with access to patient information include only the following:  our doctors, nurses, management team, clerical staff and our attached clinical staff in the pursuance of practice work relevant to patient care or practice administration.


In medical emergencies it may be in the patients interest for us to provide secondary care with limited information in order that they can fully diagnose and care for that patient ie: emergency admissions to hospital.

In no other case will we divulge patient information without that patients express consent. If reports, insurance or copy records are required by solicitors or other third parties, they must obtain and provide us with written, informed consent from the patient.


Please note that if patients wish a partner/relative/friend to be advised of results or any other information, we MUST have consent off that patient before being able to do so. Patients should either put in writing or verbally advise the name and relationship of that person and what specific information can be given to that person.


Please be aware that in order to protect our patients further, we cannot confirm or deny if a patient is or has been in the surgery-patients must advise reception in advance if they are expecting to be picked up or met by an individual.

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