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Electronic Prescribing Service Launches

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

With effect from 18th August 2015, the surgery will be offering the Electronic Prescribing Service. If you have repeat medication prescribed, this service may be beneficial for you. After ordering your medication in the usual fashion, the prescription can be sent electronically to a chemist of your choosing, which cuts out the need for you to come into the surgery to pick up a paper prescription to then take it to a chemist for dispensing. If a chemist normally picks up your prescription they will no longer have to come to the surgery to get it.

There are several other benefits of this service, such as one-off ability to have the prescription dispensed at participating chemists anywhere in England, so if you have gone off on holiday and forgotten to pick up your prescription before you left home, you can organise dispensing in your holiday town.

You need to nominate a chemist to enable this service, therefore.please either visit the chemist of your choice to have a chat about it and complete a nomination form or call into the surgery to discuss it further.

Click here to download a leaflet, which may answer any questions you have about this innovative new service.

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