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Paper Prescription Update

In order to prevent the spread of Corona virus we can no longer accept paper prescription requests at the surgery. We do not take prescription orders over the telephone.

It is in patients’ best interests to download the NHS App, register and have the benefit of on-line prescription ordering, as well as other features. Using your mobile phone or PC and wi-fi [to avoid any heavy data usage], google “NHS app, help and support” - this gives clear instructions on how to register up on the app and how to use it. Already registered for on-line access? Use that patient access app for ordering prescriptions. If you don’t have a mobile phone or PC, speak with a chemist of your choosing to register for them to order your prescription - this is available until at least 1st April.

ALL patients need to nominate a chemist to enable electronic prescriptions to be sent from the surgery-please telephone the surgery to advise, if you have not already done so. You can request for your monthly prescription to be automatically sent to your chemist for the next 12 months. Please request "12 month electronic repeat" for this service. If you are suitable for this then we will let your chemist know.

Please accept our apologies for short notice of these changes, due to the unprecedented escalation of risk factors around the corona virus.


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